How to prepare a first grader for school: recommendations of a psychologist


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The first class is a great stress not only for parents, but also for the child himself, who first goes to the walls of the school.

To alleviate the stress of the child, it is worth listening to the advice of a psychologist:

1. Correctly set up and motivate. If you can set the right tone, then study will go in the right direction. Do not pay too much attention to the outside of the preparation – flowers, dresses and other paraphernalia. Make it clear that school is, above all, the acquisition of new knowledge.

2. Let the child know everything necessary. It is worth making sure that the baby knows the address, name and contact number of the parents, and also will be able to independently get home in case of emergency.

3. Organize a mini office. It is necessary to equip the workplace of the future student in advance. Let the kid also participate in the process of creating his own learning space.

4. Visit a doctor. It is better to know about the possible pitfalls of health earlier and try to eliminate the possible consequences in advance. It is worth reviewing the baby’s diet and adding vitamins.

5. Calculate the load. Of course, every parent wants the baby to be smart and comprehensively developed. However, do not rush into this matter and write down the child everywhere: let him evaluate the load himself.

6. Conduct a safety interview. Let him know that you should not talk with strangers, go somewhere with them or take gifts from their hands.

7. Accustom self-reliance. Make sure that the baby is able to tie shoelaces, collect a briefcase and comply with the minimum standards for self-care. You will not be around at school, and the teacher may not be enough for each student.

8. Spend a short excursion in advance. Let the school not become for him a new place, which he will see only on September 1: it is worth worrying about this in advance. It’s good if you attended preparatory classes and the child is already familiar with the educational institution. Otherwise, take it with you for a short walk around the school.

9. Get ready for your daily routine. In the summer, everyone sins by knocking down their usual schedule. You should start the "perestroika" a couple of weeks before the start of classes, so that the child can get used to the early rises and lights out.

10. Talk to him. Let the baby share with you his worries and concerns. Then you can help him by eliminating these fears, showing their baselessness.

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