How to prepare for pregnancy: a step by step instruction


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Any woman knows what needs to be done to conceive a future baby: you need to undergo a genetic examination, balance your diet and regularly consult with your doctor.

So, first of all, you need to start preparing for conception in six months. Since during this time you need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination, do all the necessary tests for the presence of viral hepatitis, as well as take root in order to avoid incidents during pregnancy and not harm the baby in the future.

In addition, you can not be afraid of losing weight, because normal weight can get rid of postpartum complications, as well as diseases of the baby.

Doctors advise to limit the use of foods that are rich in fats and fast carbohydrates.

At this time, must include in the diet foods containing fiber, protein, folic acid or vitamin B9.

Therefore, in the first place in the diet should be: peanuts, beef liver, spinach.

We must not forget about vitamin D – 1000-2000 mcg per day, which is abundantly present in fish oil, cod liver, mackerel, and chanterelle mushrooms.

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