How to prepare your child for kindergarten: expert advice




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Researchers told how to prepare a child for kindergarten, so that the new environment and regime did not become a strong stress for the baby.

According to children's psychologists, initially the baby will be scared of separation from his mother, for this reason it is necessary to accustom him to stay under the supervision of other adults, for example, grandfathers, grandmothers, dad, aunt or other family members.

In addition, the baby must be accustomed to the correct regimen of the day – especially morning awakening and daytime sleep.

Arriving in kindergarten, the baby should be able to use a spoon, drink from cups, wash his hands, and ask for a toilet, the latter is especially important.

So that the baby is not very afraid of other children, teach him to communicate with peers, for example, let him play more often in the sandbox with other children.

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