How to punish a child so as not to offend


How to punish a child so as not to offend


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There is no doubt that every parent punishes a child from time to time. However, the nature of the punishments can be different – from the familiar slaps to all the pope to ignore.

Punishment aims to shape the desired behavior, but in order for this parenting method to work effectively, it must be applied correctly.

First of all, you need to make sure that the child understands what they want to achieve from him. Up to two years, he still does not know how to interact with the outside world, therefore, restrictions should be imposed only on what could be dangerous. Scolding a two-year-old for a broken cup is simply meaningless.

In pedagogy, there are clear rules for punishment:

• If the offense is committed for the first time, it is necessary to explain what exactly the next time the penalty will follow.

• For one violation of the rules can be punished only once.

• If the same offense is repeated, the punishment for it is repeated. This means that parents should be consistent and the punishment should not depend on random factors.

• Punishment should immediately follow the undesirable act, and the younger the child, the more important this rule is.

There is a method of education and restrictions.

• You can not punish a child if he is sick, before going to bed, immediately after waking up, if the parents are not in the mood.

• It is impossible that the punishment should be labor, study assignments and, in general, any affairs that the child is required to do.

• It is unacceptable to intimidate a child with punishment from third parties: “Babai will come,” “Uncle will take away,” and so on.

• It is humiliating, dangerous and useless, because physical pain forgets the child rather quickly.

• Do not use ignorance as a way to show a child that he is wrong. Psychologists say that this is the most cruel punishment. The child perceives it as the promise “you do not exist,” and it’s very painful to feel cold and detached from the closest people for a child of any age.

Punishment is a strong measure of educational influence, which should be applied in doses. It is very dangerous to cross the line beyond which the baby will become afraid of parents and will no longer trust them.

In some cases, an overly negative impact on a child can even lead to psychological problems. Pedagogical art is to punish without degrading the dignity of the child.

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