How to raise a happy child in the XXI century: expert advice


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Every year the world is developing more intensively, which greatly complicates the tasks facing parents.

Specialists have gathered valuable tips that will help you raise a happy child in modern society:

1. Love children. Let your feeling be unconditional, not dependent on any child misconduct. Do not talk about love only when the child has done something worthy: let him understand that your love does not depend on any external factors. Otherwise, when the children grow up, they will be able to live life in the blind belief that love can only be earned and worthy of it. Such a misunderstanding of feelings leads to the development of psychological complexes.

2. Do not be strict in case of an error. No matter how trite it may sound, but the error says that the child does not stand still, but develops and tries something new. If you chastise him every time he does something wrong, then the next time he may stop trying, which will make him a passive and uninitiated observer. Only through trial and error, children gain experience, knowledge and skills.

3. Be true to the given word. You require children to be honest and decent, not to deceive and keep their word. Then the parents must meet these high standards, otherwise the child will grow up in full confidence that a lie is normal.

4. Do not force to grow up early. Childhood is a necessary stage for the development and formation of personality, so do not try to speed up the process of growing up. Being already in adulthood, people can begin to show infantilism, thereby compensating for the lack of carelessness of childhood.

5. Listen. You need to talk with children, because you are the main authority in the world for him. Do not dismiss him when he falls asleep with "stupid" questions, pay attention to him. If you do not listen to the child, then the appearance of attention deficit disorder, which can only be treated with the help of a psychologist and medications, is possible.

6. Become a source of information. Let him hear all the most important and interesting from your lips, and not learn from the Internet or from friends. This will strengthen your authority in the eyes of the child and strengthen your connection.

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