How to raise a happy child


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February 6, 201

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In our time, a rarity, if the child is not painted every day with all sorts of circles, developing classes, master classes, and training.

In order to keep up with the ghostly possibilities for their children, parents sometimes forget about what is really important for the child. Trying every time to find and develop new talents, to grow up a genius from your offspring, you can one day find forever a disgruntled, tired adult in a child's body.

So what is still more important, obedient and comprehensively developed, but always tired child or a happy and calm baby? And how to find that golden mean – to lay all the most necessary knowledge at a very early age and at the same time not forget to leave time for a happy childhood?

Do not overdo it

Type of activity and the degree of load must be selected in accordance with the temperament, character and age of your child, and most importantly, with its educational opportunities.

Study together

Before you take the child to the next circle, think about what you can do and what to learn with him. Even if you, for example, are not strong in English, and you are sure that it is necessary for a child from the age of 4, then buy books for children and develop with your child.

Do not project your dreams on the child

Making up the next schedule of additional extracurricular activities for your child, you should understand how much in this direction you expect from him the realization of your goals, which you did not manage to accomplish in due time.

Give children emotions

Children, more than anyone, are able to express their most sincere emotions. Give them a reason – go more often with your family to movies, museums and parks, play their favorite games, cook your favorite family meals together, enjoy the warm summer rain and the first snow together, read their favorite books and learn new rhymes.

Respect the child as a person

Learn to respect and accept the opinion and his personal distinguishing qualities. Regardless of age, let the child have the right to express his opinion and take part in discussions and decision-making, especially if it concerns his development.

Take your children as they are

Love your children just like that, without any conditions and under any circumstances. If you have seen in your child a great artist, and he is not making any progress in this direction, listen, finally, to his desires. Direct all forces on what is interesting to him.

Set the rules

Accepting your child does not mean permissiveness. You must have your own rules. Enter the mode, where the time of classes and time for games and rest will be clearly distinguished.

And most importantly, become happy yourself. Exhale! Take time, finally, for yourself and your child. Spend time together. After all, when parents are near and surround the child with their attention, this is the greatest happiness, and no matter what you will be busy at this moment – reading a book together, drawing or swimming in the pool.

Growing up happy and decent children is not easy. It is impossible to predict how to do better, and give clear instructions to the manual. Today, the abundance of all kinds of entertainment, toys, gadgets is becoming familiar to any kid. It is an overwhelming task to make a child happy or surprised. Therefore, it is worth remembering that first of all the child needs your love, care and attention. No good of the world will replace him a happy childhood! Yes, and he will have time to adults still to be, but for sure no one will return his childhood to him.

How to raise a happy child:

Do not overdo it.
Learn together.
Do not project your dreams on the child.
Give children emotions.
Respect the child as a person.
Take your children as they are.
Set the rules.

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