How to raise an unbalanced child: practical advice


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Because of strong feelings such as love and care, parents can make a mistake and raise a spoiled child.

To avoid this, you should follow the advice of psychologists:

1. Give up strict punishment. Of course, disciplinary measures should be resorted to, but they should not be too harsh. First, the severity can make you angry. Secondly, sooner or later, children will get used to even the most sophisticated punishments of yours and you will lose the advantage.

2. Talk with children. Do not try to go on a dialogue during an argument, it will only aggravate the situation. Wait for the moment until your emotions subside and the child calms down: this is when the perfect time for conversation comes. Carry your thoughts most clearly, simply, clearly and convincingly.

3. Accept the fact that for some time the child will not be pleased with you. Of course, you are trying to do as he dislikes: what kind of reaction did you expect? In due course all will calm down and the relations between you will be adjusted, simply it is necessary to endure the adaptation period.

4. Do not let indulge other relatives. Such a situation is not permissible: at home some kind of delicacy or behavior is prohibited, but when walking with your grandparents it is suddenly resolved. The child begins to doubt: why some adults prohibit, while others protect. Also try to always share the same position with your spouse in parenting issues.

5. Set simple and clear rules. Try to formulate them succinctly and clearly: children already digest the information worse, so make up a home schedule taking into account age peculiarities. You should also stick to them on an ongoing basis and not violate. This means that you should not clean up after a child or wash dishes for him – this is how the whole essence of discipline in your home is undermined.

6. Do not yield. Children are cunning and will try to press you on pity or suck up, but you should remain adamant in your decisions. If children find a weak spot and try to put pressure on him, then they understand that you can be manipulated. Then all your efforts are in vain.

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