How to raise children according to the method Makarenko: tips for parents


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Andrei Makarenko is not only the luminary of Soviet pedagogy, but also a respected world-class scholar.

He is known for the fact that even from underprivileged youth he brought up decent members of society, which is still admired by many specialists.

In general, for the current situation, the methodology is not entirely suitable, but its elements can be added to their usual upbringing system. What are the principles of Makarenko:

1. Do not assume that discipline is a method of education. In fact, it is only its result. With the right holistic approach to the child, he must be disciplined, because he understands himself.

2. Sincerity. Parents and teachers should be sincere towards children, because they instinctively feel false and will continue to consider lies to be the norm of behavior. Also adhere to transparent methods of education: forget about blackmail, reproaches, reminders of past mistakes.

3. Labor. Surely many people know about Makarenko exclusively in connection with this item. However, not everything is so simple: work is not only not a method of education and not a method, its task is more. According to the teacher, the child must be taught to work only so that he understands why it will be needed in the future.

4. Personal choice. This item is more suitable for school institutions, where there is a place to be a team with a designated leader. The point is this: the class chooses a leader (for half a year) who makes important decisions regarding the leisure activities of the team, taking into account the wishes of the majority of the group members. In this case, the leader bears a great responsibility, since he not only must be able to make decisions alone, but also be able to stand up for them.

5. Tradition. Each children's team should have something special – some ritual traditions that can distinguish them from other members of society. This approach is able to rally children.

6. The team. Within the class, each child should be given a duty for which he will be responsible. It teaches responsibility and allows children to feel important and valuable members of society.

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