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Already on June 11, centralized testing will start in Belarus, which opens the Belarusian language.

The most recent test is scheduled for July 1. The time before CT is exciting for both applicants and their parents. Much depends on the successful completion of DH: admission to a paid or budget, whether you will have to miss a year and whether it will be possible to get a dream profession at all.

For the successful delivery of DH, it is not enough just to learn the material and prepare. There are a number of hard and fast rules to follow.

The applicant should know the rules for conducting CT:

1. You can leave the office. If you have to go out, then you should raise your hand and notify the commission that you need to go out. They will check if you have everything left on the table, and also find out if you are trying to submit a task form or a draft. Then you and the attendant can leave the office. Skip time is not compensated, so keep this in mind.

2. Be late is not worth it. It is better to arrive in advance in order to have time to go through all the stages of control and sit down at your place. After the packages with the task are opened, it is impossible to get to the CT. If you have a valid reason with an acquittal, your visit will be postponed to the reserve day.

3. Medical assistance. If you feel bad, then notify the commission. You will be called a doctor and transferred to the CT on a reserve day.

What can kick out:

1. Use gadgets or cheat sheets. All gadgets must be delivered. If you find a smartphone (even if you didn’t use it), then the CG is terminated without the right to transfer to the reserve day. The same rule applies to any materials or benefits.

2. Behavior. If you interfere with your neighbors or behave in an inappropriate way, then you may be expelled without the right to retake this year. It is also worth remembering that if you are caught in falsifying a registration form, then the outcome for you will be the same.

Remember that the answer form is given to you in a single copy: take responsibility for filling it out, since in case of its damage a new one will not be issued. Some applicants write all sorts of words on forms that are free from the response area, naively believing that this will remain unpunished. In this respect, you risk being left without a certificate: your form simply will not pass the verification procedure.

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