How to talk to a teenager about alcohol: advice from a psychologist


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These statistics suggest that a large number of teenagers begin to try alcohol at a rather early age – 14-15 years.

While some guys drink low alcohol drinks almost daily. The problem of alcohol and adolescent alcoholism is quite acute for parents.

Psychologists recommend not to postpone this issue indefinitely and try to conduct a conversation as early as possible in order to avoid an unforeseen situation. You should not think that this problem will bypass you: all children are curious by nature.

You should not be intrusive in the process of conversation, just try to clearly and intelligibly explain to your child the consequences of drinking alcohol. It is also worth showing a positive example: you do not want a teenager to drink, give up alcohol too.

American experts also recommend that you familiarize with the general rules of drinking: do not drink on an empty stomach, do not lower the degree, do not mix, etc.

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