How to talk with a teenager: the main keys to building a dialogue


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The puberty is the most difficult time in the life of both parents and the children themselves.

Physiological changes occur with the body, hormones are intensively produced, and values ​​are reassessed. Yesterday's little boys and girls become adults, so the old rules for building dialogue will no longer work.

What you need to know and remember when talking with a teenager:

1. Give them time to get used to the changes that occur in their bodies. Most of them begin to complex and become locked in themselves, especially if their face begins to become covered with acne. Try not to push them away at such an important moment for them, be prepared to always offer your help. If we are talking about some kind of appearance defect, then take the child to a beautician who can help solve problems related to beauty. You can also work with a specialist psychologist who is needed during adolescence for both adolescents and their parents.

2. They are reassessed values. During this period of time, they question all that they loved and accepted on faith at a more tender age. Do not appeal to their former authorities and idols, but let them build their new relationships in the adult world from the position of an adult.

3. Be prepared for their mood swings. A riot of hormones will provoke a whole range of different emotions that parents will need to endure steadily. First love, friendship, secrets, tears, aggression – each person has a transitional age individually. Try not to make comments in a harsh categorical form – they will definitely ignore such a request. Try to develop your communication skills and psychological erudition. If you cannot build a constructive dialogue, then seek help from a psychologist who will advise you on how to behave most effectively in your particular case.

4. Do not criticize. Teenagers will react too sharply and sharply to any criticism, especially if it is related to the sphere of their hobbies, company or clothing. This period of time is simply to wait and in no case to panic.

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