How to teach a child to daytime sleep


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Daytime sleep for a baby is a pledge of his harmonious development.

However, it is difficult to teach a child to sleep during the day. Psychologists have developed simple tips that can help you in solving the issue.

1. Calm before bedtime. If a child is agitated or agitated, then it will be extremely difficult for him to fall asleep. Try to set the right atmosphere at this time.

2. Monitor the state of air in the baby’s bedroom, do not forget to air it regularly.

3. Do not play active games an hour before your expected sleep time.

4. The gap between eating and going to bed should be at least half an hour.

5. Develop the habit of the child, putting him to sleep at the same time every day without exception.

6. Come up with classes that you will do before going to bed – sing lullabies, read books. Over time, the baby develop a habit.

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