How to teach a child to discipline: 10 life hacking


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Discipline is an important factor in raising a child.

Sometimes parents face some difficulties in terms of implementation. Then 10 useful tips will come to your rescue:

1. Method of negotiation. If the child correctly conveys his thought, shows the priorities and possible bonuses of observance of discipline, he will be much more compliant.

2. Deprivation of certain values. When a child does not want to follow the rules you set, you can try to deprive him of something. For example, walking with friends, watching TV or gadgets.

3. Discussions. Suitable for children from the age of 13. You can bring your arguments and listen to the reasonable objections of the child. Based on this, you can accept the new rules that will suit both of you.

4. Offer options. In order not to provoke a desire to say "no" to the rules of the parents, offer him several options at once. A single ultimatum may cause debate and controversy, and when there is an alternative, it is easier for children to choose something.

5. Explain errors. Carry what exactly he was wrong in an easily understandable form.

6. Respect his feelings. If a child shows incontinence and quick temper, then it is worth talking and helping him to cope with the shown emotions.

7. Mode change. If the rules of strict discipline do not bring the desired result, then try to be tactful and gentle.

8. Reward. It will be much easier for your child to maintain discipline if you are commended. Do not forget to celebrate his success not only verbally, but also in the form of various gifts.

9. Set of rules. For the discipline to work, you need to make a list of rules. Children do not have a very good memory (especially their duties), so it will be easier for them to navigate if they are set out clearly and briefly.

10. Do not be authoritarian. It is much more pleasant to obey parents if they are consistent in their instructions. It is worth being softer with the child. If you just put pressure on the child with your authority, he will not see the point in the discipline. Children are very curious. It is worthwhile for them to reasonably convey their point of view (as is customary in a democratic style).

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