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How to tear the child away from the computer amp

Virtual reality can tighten in earnest. WomanHit.ru will tell you how to pull their children out of the "web"
For adults, the Internet is necessary for various reasons: someone makes purchases online, pays bills, book hotels, others look for information for work and study. The web has made our existence much easier. However, children cannot control their time in such a way and filter the content, which is why parents need to know exactly what their children are doing on the Web and how to combine reality with virtual reality in general?

Modern children were born in the information age: it is difficult even for adults to navigate in such a fast-moving stream; nevertheless, the new generation perfectly adapts to processing a huge amount of new information. They do not represent their life without the Internet, and this means that there is no sense in restricting and banning. Many parents are worried about the question: what are the consequences of such a serious passion for the virtual world?
According to psychologists, parental preoccupation with the situation is not groundless, for it is through the Internet that various recruitment and other things dangerous for the fragile mind are possible.
Even such innocent things as "shooters" and quests can have serious consequences: dependence on games, reduced physical activity, harassment on the Web. To avoid the consequences, you need to know the immediate cause, what we do.

What lures virtual reality?

The main reason lies in the lack of self-confidence: the child is not accepted in the team, adults dismiss it, it is difficult for him to make contact with the world. In this case, the chances of going online are greatly increased.
Imagine: the parent worked all day, solved everyday problems. Upon his return, he is awaited by a child who has his own problems, questions, and indeed his very presence of many parents is simply annoying. As a result, the parent shrugs off, buys the next set-top box, sends a search for an answer on the Internet. Gradually, the child no longer needs the real world, where it still will not help.

What to do?

Imprudent parents simply forbid the child to use a computer or severely limit the time. However, this does not help, because your offspring have friends who will gladly help him out.

Such tight control will negatively affect your relationship with a teenager. He will see in you a tyrant incapable of dialogue.
True, parents often simply do not understand how to entertain a child. What can I offer? In fact, there are a lot of things you can do together. Let's look at a few options from which to start.
Try gradually replacing the computer with another activity, for example:


Oddly enough, many children are not against cooking a joint dish with the parent. So you will spend time together and distract the child from the screen for a while.
Suitable for children of primary school age. Role-playing games come up especially well: yes, the daughters-mothers are still a topical game.

Activity outside the home

Anything will do, depending on the interests of the child. It can be theaters, shows, museums, interactive exhibitions.

Family traditions

Establish at least one tradition, for example, at the same time, all family members sit down to have dinner or drink tea, sharing impressions of the day. Such a seemingly simple situation will help you all to establish contact and better understand each other.

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