How to understand that your child is an introvert: the most obvious signs


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Despite the importance of developing communication skills, the presence of an introvert child offers several advantages to parents.

How to understand that your child is an introvert? Psychologists identified 7 main signs:

1. They have a slightly different form of communication. Such a child will have 1-2 close friends, the rest for them are just classmates or acquaintances. They will not spend their time on unnecessary people with whom they are not interested. Their speech will be slower, clearer and more informed.

2. It is difficult for them to adapt to the conditions of the team. Introverts are loners who are comfortable in the society of themselves. However, most games in kindergarten and educational activities at the school are designed for group work. From the point of view of general pedagogy, this is the right approach, as it will help even introverts to find ways of communication and help in their socialization.

3. They will not become an open book for parents. Such children have a complex mental organization, their inner world is very rich and diverse. It is possible to recognize such a child only gradually, showing a sincere desire to get acquainted with his interests.

4. He will make a decision based on his principles. And you need to respect his decision, if it is really thoughtful and logical. The introvert is not affected by the greatness of authoritative opinion: they have their own values, beliefs and ideals.

5. They are not impulsive. Introverts will carefully weigh their decisions, as they are naturally more thoughtful than extroverts. So do not rush your child with a decision: let him think it over.

6. Since childhood, are interested in books. It is worth supporting this good hobby: with the help of literature they will know themselves and the world around them. You can recommend your favorite books to them, but do not be obsessive with your suggestions: let them make their own choices.

7. Ask deep questions. They are not very interested in the external side of life, so their questions can sometimes be confusing. Introverts spend a lot of time thinking, so they ask only the most important questions. Try to answer them as carefully as possible.

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