How to wean a child to sleep with parents


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Many parents teach the baby to sleep together, but over time, children need to wean the habit.

Professionals say the following: there are two different approaches to solving this problem.

The first technique involves a quick transition. It can be used if the child has already reached the age of three years. In principle, the children themselves already want to be a little more independent. Tell your baby that he will no longer sleep with mom and dad, now he has his own place to sleep. If you feel some kind of internal resistance in a child, then call him to choose bedding sets: as a rule, children are not indifferent to this process.

The second method is a gradual transition.

For a start, it is worth moving away from the child a little while falling asleep, so that he gets used to personal space, and then select his own bed. You can put it in your bedroom until the baby reaches 3 years.

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