Humane education of children

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Act now to humane education of children a first-responder for animals. 18 a month, which is only 60 cents per day.

Your help ensures sustaining support for programs that enrich animals lives every day. Contributions to American Humane are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by applicable law. Please forward this error screen to 144. We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of animals through programs and services in sheltering, education, protection and advocacy. We feel these services are desperately needed to help nearby Kentuckians with a truly affordable means to spay and neuter their pets. County and out of County residents. If you could not afford spaying or neutering before, now you can!

If your request is approved, you will receive an email confirming your appointment. We provide discount voucher certificates to qualified Madison County residents for spaying and neutering their pets at their personal Madison County veterinary hospital. It is our hope that this program will reduce the number of unwanted pets dying on our roads every day and lessen the number of homeless cats and dogs euthanized in shelters. Each year we help spay and neuter hundreds of dogs and cats with this funding. We help Madison County individuals and businesses manage their feral cat populations through spaying and neutering. If you have feral cats and would like to get them fixed to stop their reproduction of homeless kittens, please call us and leave a message at 859. We also need Barn Homes for feral cats.

Animal abuse by children is often a precursor to violence as an adult. We provide educational classes to elementary schools and other interest groups. Presentations are age-appropriate and cover animal care and other related issues. Email us if you are interested in having someone from our group speak at your school or civic meeting.

The potential threat of a disaster in our county poses a real concern to all animal lovers. The Humane Society is examining ways where we can coordinate and cooperate with other county organizations in providing aid in the event of a major catastrophe. We have, through our network contacts, the ability to offer advice, information, and a referral service to any interested person having an animal-related issue. A memorial gift can be given to the Society in remembrance of a loved one or a tribute gift can be given in honor of a special occasion or holiday. Your gift is not only a thoughtful tribute, but also helps the animals of Madison County.

An Easy Way to Support the Humane Society, A. Humane Society Animal League for Life. The Mission of the SWIHS is to protect abandoned and homeless animals impounded by the City of Clarinda and, to a lesser extent, those living in the southwest Iowa area. Our Animal Welfare Programs provide needed services for those animals by providing sanctuary, nutritional food, health examination, pre-adoption vaccinations and worming, spay and neuter when possible or rebates toward that surgery. Emergency veterinary care, emotional rehabilitation, returning lost animals and obtaining new homes for others that would otherwise be homeless, neglected or abused. Education is central to supporting pet life and helping build a better future for our community and its animals.

The society believes controlling population is the key to reducing not only the number of unwanted and homeless animals but also those having to be euthanized. Donations of the shelter supplies are always welcome. Dawn dish soap, bleach, Scotch brand scrubbers. Contact the shelter to find out our current needs. Southwest Iowa Humane Society                                                                                                    Website Design by Clarinda. Making the connection between kindness to animals and kindness to fellow man The mission of the Auglaize County Humane Society is to provide a safe and sheltering environment for the homeless animals of today, encourage kindness and responsibility toward the pets of tomorrow, and foster through the education of our children a compassion for all living creatures, both man and animal.

Auglaize County Humane Society – 616 N. Puppy millers, factory farmers and others who profit from the exploitation of animals. A statement from acting President and CEO, Kitty Block. The final 2018 budget bill has been signed into law — along with big wins for grizzly bears, wolves, horses and other animals.

Armed Forces continue to use live goats and pigs to train military personnel to respond to combat trauma injuries. Switch to Amazon Smile on your web browser to support our work every time you shop. Donations will be tripled for a limited time! Please enter a valid mobile number. Thank you for signing up for text alerts! You will receive text messages with ways to help animals right from your phone.

Contributions to The HSUS are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The HSUS’s tax identification number is 53-0225390. Message and data rates may apply. We’ll text you approximately once a month.

You Can Adopt a Classroom Our classroom magazine reaches children in 25,000 classrooms nationwide. Send Kind News to a kid or teacher you know! Young people have a natural affinity for animals. Our resources for parents and educators help nurture that bond by instilling empathy and a humane ethic in children at every stage in their development.