In Chechnya, found the lowest girl in Russia & nbsp


In Chechnya found the lowest girl in Russia amp nbsp

The 13-year-old resident of the city of Grozny, Azhela Tashueva, was placed in the Russian Book of Records as the lowest girl. Her height is 72.3 centimeters.
In order to officially register its record, the chief editor of the book Stanislav Konenko flew to Grozny and personally measured its growth. After he confirmed the accuracy of the data, Angela was handed a certificate.

"Record" The smallest growth of a girl at the age of 13 years in Russia "with the result of 72.3 centimeters I declare officially fixed," announced Konenko.
Angela was born in March 2006. She weighed only 700 grams with a height of 38 centimeters. As the girl's mother told, they put her to sleep in her palm, and instead of diapers they used a handkerchief.
Now the record holder weighs six kilograms. Parents buy her clothes in children's stores, but she does not go to educational institutions.

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