In China, a woman gave birth to twins from different men & nbsp


In China a woman gave birth to twins from different

The twins' mother's secret romance was uncovered after the DNA test showed that her babies had different fathers. The possibility of super-fertilization, when two eggs during one cycle are fertilized by two fathers, is one case per million, say doctors in China. The rarity of the phenomenon did not save, however, a couple from the divorce.
A woman from Xiamen (China), whose name is not named, was forced to admit that she spent the night with another man after her twins had been tested for DNA. She requested the paternity test with her husband herself in order to be able to officially add her twin boys to the city’s household register. The parents were shocked, receiving results that showed that one of the boys could not be the son of the head of the family.

The Mirror edition quotes a text from the Fujian newspaper. According to the information placed there, the woman’s husband had long wondered why the twins were different and why one of them had eyes, mouth and nose in no way similar to him. However, it did not even occur to him that for one of the children he was not a physiological dad. The paternity test was conducted by the Fujian Provincial Court of Authentication Center (Eastern China), and caused a split in the couple. First, the wife allegedly accused her husband of falsifying the results. Then the mother of two children confessed that she had an affair with another man for one night.
The news of a rare case of super-fertilization, when two eggs are fertilized during one cycle by two fathers, was made public by the director of the Authentication Center, Zhang. Experts explained that the fact of super fertilization means that the mother had to sleep with her lover in the same "fertility window", that is, within a few hours or days after becoming pregnant by her husband. The director added that the couple "figured out the situation herself." It is known, however, that the demolition was not peaceful, since the deceived husband summarized that he “still” wanted his own child, but at the same time he was not going to bring up someone else’s.
News.ru wrote earlier that as a result of the use of CRISPR technology, twin girls with an edited genome were born in China. One of them had one copy of the gene, which gives immunity to HIV, and the second had both copies.

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