In Moscow, the teacher was forced to resign because of the brawl of schoolchildren during the break


In Moscow the teacher was forced to resign because of

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The management of the Moscow school No. 1015 (4) forced a teacher Svetlana Lepikova to quit, who did not notice that one of her students broke her arm during a fight at recess, the radio station "Moscow Says" reports.

The incident itself occurred on March 21. There was a conflict between 3rd grade students, which Lelikova stopped. According to her, at the last lesson of technology, the injured boy did not complain about pain, opened the door with an injured hand, worked with her in class, which was confirmed by recordings from surveillance cameras. Towards evening, when the schoolboy had already returned home, his hand fell ill. In the emergency room it turned out that the child had a fracture.

I wrote an explanatory note. The director had a question for me why I didn’t call an ambulance. But no one approached me with complaints. To which she said: "I offer you either on my own, or I will dismiss you under the article."
Svetlana Lepikova

The family of the affected child had no complaints about the teacher and the administration. Parents went to the director to protect Lepikova and asked to reinstate her, but this did not help.

The acting director of the school, Tamara Chuzhmarova, didn’t talk to journalists, adding that “parents can say whatever they want.”

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