In Perm, the scandal continues around the Mantoux test


In Perm the scandal continues around the Mantoux test

We are talking about two sisters, students of the third and ninth grade. Six months ago, the administration of the Permian gymnasium No. 3 banned girls from attending classes, as they did not provide the results of the Mantoux test.

The fact is that parents of schoolgirls, instead of Mantoux’s reaction, made them and their five-year-old brother a more modern and effective diagnostic test for tuberculosis – T-Spot.

Test is expensive – as reported by REGNUM, parents paid 6 thousand rubles for each child. The test results showed that the children are healthy, but this was not a basis for the school to allow Miroslav and Sonya to take classes.

As stated in the school administration, referring to the disposal of Rospotrebnadzor and sanitary-epidemiological rules, when Mantoux is refused a test and passes another test, parents of children must have a fluorography, on the basis of the results of this survey, get a certificate from a TB specialist and submit it to the school.

However, the mother of the girls refuses to undergo fluorographic examination, he does not bring a certificate from the TB doctor, so Miroslav and Sonya are still not allowed to go to school. In addition, for the same reason, their younger brother is not allowed in kindergarten.

According to media reports, girls are homeschooled all the time and are studying remotely (Mash reports that girls have already been taken from gymnasium No. 3 and transferred to a private school). However, the problems did not end there – on March 19, the mother of the schoolgirls told REN TV that the gymnasium management filed a complaint with her husband to the police.

“The school has applied for us, accuses us of not teaching our children, not fulfilling parental responsibilities,” said the woman. According to Mash, on March 21, the Juvenile Affairs Commission must decide whether to impose a fine on parents.

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