In the cartoon "Peppa Pig" found sexism


In the cartoon quotPeppa Pigquot found sexism

Frame from the animated series "Peppa Pig"

British children's animated series "Peppa Pig" caught in sexism. Such charges were made by the London fire brigade. Employees of the operational service did not like one of the episodes where mother-pig is called "fire". According to outraged rescuers, this concept is an “obsolete gender stereotype.” Fire officials said the term hinders the recruitment of new female employees.

Currently, the London Campaign "Fire Sexism", which aims to eliminate gender imbalance in the profession. It is noted that out of five thousand firefighters in the British capital only 354 women work.

“We must challenge the outdated language, which, as our research shows, prevents young girls and women from seeing fire fighting as a useful and professional career,” said one of the brigade representatives in a conversation with The Telegraph.

Many users of the network did not agree with the accusations of the firemen. They noted that there are many female characters in Pigpe Pig who take on hard work and responsibilities. According to people, firefighters need to watch more episodes before blaming the creators of the cartoon. Producers of Pig Peppa have not yet responded to criticism.

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