In the maternity hospital in Moscow investigate the situation with pregnant measles pregnant woman


In the maternity hospital in Moscow investigate the situation with

In one of the Moscow maternity hospitals, an investigation began of the situation with a measles mother who has fallen ill, reported on Facebook by the deputy head doctor of the children's polyclinic № 110 Alexander Sviridov:

Earlier, on March 17, he told that a mother who was pregnant for the last time, whose eldest child was suffering from measles, went to an ordinary maternity hospital, hiding the fact that she was in contact and was discharged with suspicion of measles. In support of his words, he gave a copy of the statement:

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According to the doctor, 70 women in childbirth and pregnant women and more than 40 newborns are at risk of disease:

Also, as the doctor says, the maternity hospital is losing millions of rubles economically – these are funds for expenses, including salaries for employees who cannot find work elsewhere, because before the expiration of anti-epidemic measures they cannot cross the threshold of another medical institution.

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