Every child loves to be interesting activities for preschoolers in some activities, and kids with autism are no exception! If your child has been diagnosed with autism, there are various activities that you can use as a tool to help mix in a social circle. It affects a person’s communication skills and also leads to several behavioral and social challenges.

ASD means the ASD symptoms and the severity of these symptoms may differ for each person. Some people with ASD may have exceptional learning and problem-solving abilities while others may struggle with simple learning tasks. You have to involve autistic children in activities to bridge the gap between them and their surrounding environment. Below are a few indoor and outdoor games and activities you can teach your autistic toddlers and younger kids. These autism games and activities can improve social skills as they help strengthen the bond between your child and people around her. Create A Shredded Flower Bouquet:This is a creative activity that involves ripping and shredding of paper to create a beautiful composition to use as a decorative element.

Autistic kids who require special needs will love the sensory touch of handling paper and playing with shapes and colors. Take a flesh colored paper and let your little one trace his or her hand and arm. Keep a watercolor paper in a portrait style. Now lay the paper hand across the bottom of the watercolor paper and see to it that the fingers touch the end of the paper. Cut the arm part and glue it on the watercolor paper. Now help your child cut and tear long thin stems of green papers, then leaf shapes including small and big, flat and round, and thin and long.

Place the stems in between the fingers, a few overlapping the thumb and most going beneath the fingers. Apply glue and then paste the stems at the bottom. Do not stick at the top. Now try to make the fingers hold the flowers by folding the fingers under and glue them. Or you can even snip the fingers off to show an effect of bent fingers. Paste the leaves on and around the stems. Now cut or rip the colored paper to various petal shapes.

Try to overlap the stems and petals as much as possible so that the activity looks beautiful. Underwater I Spy Alphabet Bottle:Sparkling water is one such activities for children with autism social skills to attract. Here is a great alphabet bottle activity that helps to keep your little one focused and engaged. Your kids can recognize letters in a creative manner through the shiny floating sequins. Take all the beads from A to Z and place them on the table. Ask your child to drop those letters one by one into the bottle.

Your child can then drop sequins followed by glitter. Fill half of the bottle with water and another half with corn syrup. The role of corn syrup is to slow down the motion of the elements present inside, and it also prevents the glitter from sticking together. Apply glue to the lid so that the liquid inside will not spill.

Shake the bottle and let your little one watch it. Ask her to find each letter and spot the letters in her name by shaking the bottle. Paint With Ice:Kids love swirling the paint on paper to create beautiful patterns. It helps them to improve their color observation and recognition skills. This is an interesting learning activity for toddlers and preschoolers with autism. Ask your child to pour paint into the ice tray and let herself analyze how many colors of cubes she wants.

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