Interesting facts about babies that you had no idea


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Newborns always seem so small and defenseless.

However, nature has generously rewarded them with some qualities that are not found in adults.

Small children cry with a certain accent, which is inherent in a particular nationality.

Scientists have conducted a study of crying babies who represented different nationalities. During the study, more than 60 crying newborns were recorded. Z0 children were French and Germans. The researchers noticed that the “melody” of the shouting of German children was downward, and the French, on the contrary, was increasing. Later it turned out that the key of crying coincided with the peculiarities of the mother tongue of babies.

Later, scientists conducted a larger study, which involved more small representatives of different nations. As expected, the result was the same.

Infants smile an average of 200 times a day.

It turns out that the happiest creatures are small children. For comparison, we give the statistics of adults. Women smile about 62 times a day, but men only 8 times.

Infants have an innate grasp palmar reflex.

It appears on the sixteenth week after conception and is fully developed by the time of birth. In this case, the grip is so strong that if the child grabs your finger, you will be able to lift it. That is, it can fully maintain its own weight.

However, it is better not to experiment, as the baby can release the finger at any time.

Babies have a great understanding of people.

Small children can distinguish bad people from good people at the age of 6 months. During a study conducted by scientists from Yale University, the kids watched a puppet show in which a wooden figure tried to climb the hill several times. In some cases, the second figure helped the first, and in others – dropped it down. The children were shown this performance several times and then offered to choose one of the figures for themselves. Kids preferred positive characters.

A newborn, unlike an adult, can swallow and breathe at the same time.

The baby uses this amazing ability up to about 9 months. By this age, the formation of the articulatory apparatus and the lowering of the larynx occurs. In addition, newborns do not know how to breathe through the mouth. But at the first nasal congestion they acquire this ability.

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