Interesting physics for kids

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New York State has many cities amongst which the New York City is the most populous and probably the interesting physics for kids city in the United States. The inhabitants of New York State are known as New Yorker.

Of all the ten cities, New York City is the largest city with the population of over 18 million. The largest Metropolitan area of the United States is also in New York State. Glenn Falls is the smallest metropolitan area of the state. The total population of the State as of 2013 is 19,651,127. New York State is ranked as the third most populous county in the world. Mount Marcy is the highest point of the state.

Atlantic Ocean is the lowest Point. The State is home to 22 national parks. Statue of Liberty is not only amongst the Seven Wonders of the World but it is also the symbol of United States for democracy, freedom, and opportunity. Utica is the smallest city with the population of only 62,239. New York City has the longest subway system all throughout the United States.

It runs 656 miles and is one of the most widespread transportation systems in the world. The subway has 468 stations in operations. Besides, the subway is also regarded as one of the oldest transit systems. New York is situated in the northeastern United States and it is bordered by New Jersey, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Natural resources in the New York City include mine, gravel, gypsum, sand, emery, fertile soil, limestone and slate.

Amongst Europeans, Dutch were the first ones to settle in New York and they named their new home New Netherlands. The city has the most famous skyscraper Empire Building. People can view the entire New York City and Atlantic Ocean from this building. New York City was the first capital of United States. Midtown Manhattan is the largest central business in the United States. The two World Trade Centers which were hit by the aircrafts on September 11, 2001 were also in New York City.