Is it possible to salt children's dishes: doctors' advice


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Doctors told whether it is possible to salt children's dishes.

Experts are convinced that until the first year of a child’s life, it is absolutely impossible to add salt to food.

Otherwise, a barely salty dish will negatively affect the work of the baby's cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

In addition, the kidneys suffer from salt, and its daily rate is no more than one gram.

In any case, salty foods and foods should be excluded from the diet of the child.

Moreover, the necessary salt norm is found in breast milk.

Doctors also emphasized that it is better not to teach a child to salty foods from an early age, taking into account the epidemic of obesity, it is necessary to control the baby’s diet.

And make sure that it is filled with essential nutrients.

Babies should not be overfed and praised with sweets, thus forming wrong eating habits.

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