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In this day and italian tales for children book photo, it’s easy to get depressed. But sometimes, hope can take hold in the most unlikely of places. Last week a tornado touched down in Oklahoma, reducing the town of Monroe to rubble. Homes were destroyed, families separated and 24 people killed.

In other words, it was a catastrophe—and, within hours, news sites were awash with images of misery, devastation and more misery. Because this is the internet after all, the most-shared photo quickly became one of a mournful collie standing watch over a demolished house. How about home to her owner? In the sort of twist that would be mawkish in a Spielberg movie but is awesome in real life, it turned out Susie’s owner was not only alive—he was scouring the devastated town, desperate to find his dog.

Nazi forced labour camp’ should be pretty high on the list. But try telling that to Luigi Pedutto and Mokryna Yurzuk. Ukrainians’ to the list of people Hitler hated for no reason. Then, in 2004, Pedutto decided to try his luck again. In a final argument for reality TV being not totally-awful, he wrote in to a Russian TV show, which tracked down Mokryna and reunited them live on air. The two have now resumed a courtship that survived Hitler, Stalin, the Cold War, reunification and six decades—because sometimes, true love isn’t just a cliché.

Satellite images taken at night show an empty space hemmed in by the burning light of a thousand South Korean and Chinese cities. Thanks to an economically incompetent and inhuman regime, the only city in the country that gets electricity is the capital Pyongyang—everywhere else festers in darkness. Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea’, Barbara Demick reveals how even the most-brutal regime on Earth has failed to quash romance. Across the country, teenagers use the lightless nights to plan trysts, meet partners and generally do what kids across the world do when they’re young and shy and in love. Because there’s no electricity, party snoops who would otherwise stop them are flying blind: meaning the kids have the night to themselves. During the Second World War, the German U-Boat submarines became notorious among sailors.