Ivan Urgant showed a rare photo of a 3-year-old daughter


Ivan Urgant showed a rare photo of a 3 year old daughter

The post of 40-year-old Ivan Urgant in instagram seems to have excited even his closest friends. An anchorman posted a rare photo of Valeria’s 3-year-old daughter online, in which he wrote the following comments:

Dear subscribers, friends, just not indifferent people … It's not easy to write about this, but the situation has gone too far. And I do not want you to find out about it from outsiders. It so happened that we kept this information hidden from prying eyes. Not wanting to distract anyone with their family events. But apparently the time has come.

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Publication by Ivan Urgant (@urgantcom) March 22, 2019 at 12:35 PDT

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Despite the exciting start, Ivan’s post turned out to be just a joke. In continuation of his “frank confession”, the TV host said that another “woman” had appeared in his house – a cute dog named Pear. Beard released Urgant also joked on the fact that the new pet also has facial hair:

The internal charter of the Urgant family, its unwritten law, which appeared even under Lasse Urgant, a glass-blower from the suburb of Malmo, forbids all women of our family to shave their beards without exception.

Subscribers of Urgant reacted differently to the lead drawing. One liked the joke, others asked “not to scare it anymore”, since the introduction to the news about the appearance of the pet was too disturbing. Moreover, this text was written under the picture of Ivan's little daughter, and the first thought of the fans was that some trouble had happened to Valeria.

Recall that Urgant and his wife Natalia Kiknadze have four children: 22-year-old Niko and 18-year-old Erica (son and daughter of Natalia from her first marriage), as well as 10-year-old Nina and 3-year-old Valeria.

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