Julia Nachalova's daughter said goodbye to her mother in a letter


Julia Nachalova39s daughter said goodbye to her mother in a

Yulia Nachalova's relatives told about how the 12-year-old daughter of the singer Vera is experiencing the loss of her mother. According to the father of the deceased actress Viktor Nachalova, the girl is in deep shock, but holds steadfastly. Near her are constantly close people, including her father, Yevgeny Aldonin.

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Posted by Julia Nachalova (@julianachalova) on Apr 13, 2018 at 10:06 am PDT

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A few days after mother’s death, Vera wrote a letter in which she said farewell to her. In the program of Andrey Malakhov “Live broadcast” Victor described the condition of his granddaughter:

Experiencing, but holding on. Character showed hysteria no. She wrote a letter to her.

He did not disclose the text of the message, as it turned out to be very personal.

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Post by VeraAldonina (@v_aldo_) March 4th, 2018 at 3:23 PST

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Vera, to the last, did not know that her mother was in a serious condition in the hospital. Shortly before the hospitalization Nachalova, a girl with classmates went to London. Relatives did not admit the thought that Yulia’s health problems could lead to tragedy, so they kept Vera in ignorance. March 16, the daughter of the artist returned to Russia, her plane landed an hour after the singer's heart stopped. Vera found out what had happened from her father in a car on the way from the airport.

The girl will be raised by her maternal grandparents. The father and legal guardian of the Faith, her father Yevgeny Aldonin, has no plans to prevent this.

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Publication by Evgeny Aldonin (@evgeny_aldonin) Sep 1, 2016 at 1:10 am PDT

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Faith with father

Julia Nachalova and Yevgeny Aldonin have been married for five years. The press reported their divorce in December 2011, but the couple maintained warm relations and Vera spent a lot of time with her father. Now Evgeny has a new family – a young spouse Olga and a two-year-old son.

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