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Please forward this error screen to 173. Kds education against humanity in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Russia.

Ehrlinger was the son of the mayor of Giengen an der Brenz, a small town in southwestern Germany, in what is now the state of Baden-Württemberg. Ehrlinger was not only active at the university. According to his SA certificate of good conduct, “Ehrlinger was one of the few Tübingen-connected students, who even before the seizure of power put himself regularly where he was needed with the propaganda or other service. After he completed an SA leadership training course in 1934, Ehrlinger gave up his legal career and became a full-time SA functionary. In May 1935, Ehrlinger was accepted into the SD. By September 1935, he had been assigned to the main office of the Berlin SD.

Ehrlinger was with the headquarters staff of Einsatzgruppe IV during the German attack on Poland in September 1939. After the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, on June 22, 1941, Ehrlinger’s unit, 70 to 80 men strong, followed behind Army Group North in the Baltic states and the area south of Leningrad. For example, on 16 July 1941, the SD entered Dünaburg. Ehrlinger reported that “s of now the EK 1b has killed 1,150 Jews in Dünaburg. Ehrlinger himself oversaw these shootings, euphemistically called “actions”, as a “hardened SS perpetrator who stood at the shoot pit and led the killers in the shooting.