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Joe and the late Francine West, and the younger brother of Iris West. He was a champion drag-racer under the alias “Taillights”. In the alternate timeline known as Flashpoint, Wally West was the meta-human speedster known prominently as The Flash. As the protector of Central City, he fought against his archenemy The Rival. After Barry entered the Speed Force in order to stabilize it, Wally took over as the Flash of Earth One.

Once Barry returned, Wally returned to sharing the spotlight with him. After discovering that Jesse was breaking up with him and that the team was better off without him, he decided to leave Central City for a time in order to focus on himself. Francine West gave birth to Wally 8 months after leaving her family. Francine and Wally lived in Keystone City, where Wally started participating in street races and gained a reputation as a winner. During a Christmas party in 2015, Wally stopped by to visit Joe and Iris, meeting them for the first time.