Kid internet games

403 ERROR The kid internet games could not be satisfied. Remember meeting up with online friends can be dangerous.

Be SMART on the internet and on mobile phones. Always check more than one site when you’re looking for info online. If anything goes wrong online or upsets you make sure you tell someone about it. I only chat on the web with people I know – no strangers!

Please forward this error screen to 67. For the Bath, Maine, radio station which identified as WMMS from 1957 to 1964, see WJTO. For the German poem, see Der Busant. The WMMS studios are located at the former Centerior Energy building in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, while the station transmitter resides in neighboring Seven Hills. Records identified “the malevolent feathered figure” as “the best-known station symbol in the country.

Readers’ Poll, but the station admitted to stuffing the 1987 ballot following a February 1988 front-page story in The Plain Dealer exposing manipulation. On November 11, 1948, the station adopted the callsign WHK-FM. WMMS reverted to progressive rock on September 11, 1970. The station briefly battled with WNCR of Nationwide Communications, itself filling the void created by the brief absence of WMMS on the rock scene. WMMS helped break many new rock artists nationally, most notably David Bowie. In November 1972, WMMS was sold to Malrite Communications, a Michigan-based firm that relocated to Cleveland upon purchase.

During this time, WMMS also began broadcasting a remarkable amount of live concerts, many of which originated in Cleveland and were produced by the station itself. The WMMS Coffee Break Concert was a weekly music-interview show broadcast live from the station’s studio, and later with an audience at the Agora Ballroom. First logo used after station’s sale to Malrite. In July 1973, John Gorman joined WMMS as music director and was promoted to program director and operations manager two months later where he remained for thirteen years.

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