Kids lunch boxes

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Packing lunch for work is one of the easiest ways you can save money. But while there are tons of articles dedicated to helping you figure out what to pack for lunch, there aren’t many suggesting what to pack your lunch in. An Insider Picks reader recently emailed us to ask if there are any professional lunch boxes for adults that we’d recommend. So, below, we put together our top picks. Whether you opt for a reusable bento box or an insulated tote, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed using any of these in front of your coworkers or supervisor.

With this lunch box, packing a balanced lunch is easy. It’s comprised of three containers, which are perfect for storing your main course and two sides, and comes with an insulated case to keep your meal warm or cold for longer. As a bonus, this model is slim enough to fit in your work bag, and it’s leak-proof, so you won’t get soy sauce all over your laptop. Bean’s Heritage Cooler is a handsome choice if you don’t mind bringing a second bag to work. Not only does it have ample space for your containers, beverages, and utensils, this model’s rugged look has the same appeal as the brand’s famous Bean Boots. Though this option is currently on backorder, you can still purchase the bag now and have it delivered in a few weeks.

Lunch boxes can look nice, too. Monbento’s box, for example, looks sharp and keeps your food fresh without bulking up your bag. Its two 500mL airtight containers feature adjustable dividers — a convenient way to keep your lunch and mid-day snack separate. Many users praised this fabric bag as durable, easy-to-clean, and perfect for kids and adults alike.

It’s not large enough to hold a five-course meal, but it’s great for storing a sandwich or slice of leftover pizza. If you’re in the market for a lightweight bag that will hold a day’s worth of snacks and beverages, have a look at Built NY’s tote. It’s made of stretchy neoprene so you won’t have have to worry about this bag ripping at the seams if you pack an extra set of utensils. This one also has a flat bottom to keep your bag from tipping over in the communal fridge. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Business Insider’s Insider Picks team.