Kisd preschool

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Welcome to New Hope Christian School! Building kisd preschool self-worth of every child through sports since 1972! Camp at Birons combines purposeful curriculum with one-of-a-kind facilities and our super hero staff. Offering 11 weeks of camp each summer, Birons offers both full- and half-day preschool programs, our full day legendary day camp, and half day sports camps including gymnastics, ninja, cheer, and performance.

With unique weekly themes, and registration by the week, camp engages your kids and fits your schedule! Each winter we offer camps around the Christmas and New Years holidays. Calendar shifts due to school schedules every year. Winter allows registration by the week, and also has daily options to fit around your holiday schedules, shopping, and vacations. We take the design and curriculum of the summer and apply it here.

Your kids deserve a break, and so do you! Our March Spring Break camp operates based on the HISD, SBISD, AISD, and KISD school schedules. We offer daily themes, field trip for the older kids, and specialty sports clinics to engage your kids! Daily and weekly registration options available.

And the best super hero staff around! Welcome to Kent ISDKent ISD is a regional educational service agency devoted to achievement for all students. We provide instructional and administrative services to more than 300 schools, 20 public districts, three non-public districts, and many public school academies and non-public schools within our boundaries. We help districts devote more dollars directly to the classroom by providing essential services, collaborative initiatives and valuable learning for the region’s students and teachers. Regional collaboration is the way we work, both with our school districts and our community partners. Together, we lead learning for the region.

Know a student who could use some fun education this summer? Kent ISD will be the community’s first choice for educational services so that every student in every classroom achieves every day. Kent ISD serves our customers by providing value-added services through collaboration and leadership for learning. Have something you’d like to share with us? A question, concern or just a comment?