Lunch boxes ideas for children

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This post may contain affiliate links. You can lunch boxes ideas for children my disclosure policy here. These are foods my own children love!

I believe in exposing children to a wide variety of tastes and textures. It’s easy to get in a rut. I save time during our school day. I hope this list helps you in your menu planning. Print this list out and place in the Menu Planning section of your Household Notebook.

For even more ideas: By the way, be sure to check out my Easy Lunch Box Ideas for the Whole Family! When making sandwiches, place tomato, onions, and lettuce in separate baggie to prevent bread from becoming soggy. Freeze juice boxes and place in lunch box to keep food cool. Leftovers can often be turned into a tasty lunch. Use a thermos to keep leftover macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and soups warm. Or, use a thermos to keep cold foods cold. If you homeschool, preparing your child’s lunch ahead of time will save you lots of time during the day!