Lyrics teenage kicks

You can find new stories here. What Was That French Song on Mad Men? Don, in front of many friends and coworkers, at his 40th birthday party. This being Mad Men, though, one lyrics teenage kicks to ask: Why this song?

Does it have some deeper meaning? Granted, the song’s lyrics are hardly sophisticated. This is typical of “yéyé,” the French pop genre that “Zou Bisou Bisou” exemplifies. And there may be something else going on, too, something more to do with the singer than the song—by which I mean the young woman who recorded the best-known version of the ditty, one Gillian Hills.

Could Weiner have found a more perfect and surprising song with which to convey the sexual liberation of Megan and her generational cohort? You can read our translation of the French lyrics below. See all of Slate’s coverage of Mad Men, Season 5 here. My God, how soft they are! But yes, I love only you!

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