Making soap bubbles yourself


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What are the very soap bubbles that should easily inflate and fly for a long time? “From the soap solution,” even the child will answer.

This is true, but ordinary soap is not enough for this. Any liquid for soap bubbles contains a substance that gives a special elasticity to their walls. Due to this, high-quality bubbles can not burst for a long time, thereby delivering a special delight to the kids.

To determine at a glance the quality of soap bubbles is very difficult. And how sad it is when a child with indescribable enthusiasm opens a new jar, and it is impossible to blow a single bubble through the ring. In this case there is a homework. Write down. Soap bubbles at home. The recipe is simple, and most importantly – safe.

Solution: mix 200 g of dishwashing detergent + 100 ml of regular glycerin (can be purchased at the pharmacy). Add 600 ml of water and mix well. That's all – soap bubbles are ready! And in addition a couple of tips:

– it is good to use boiled water, and better distilled water;

– less impurities (any kind of additives) in the dishwashing detergent – a more reliable result;

– to make the solution more dense will help glycerin dissolved in warm water (the most important thing is not to overdo it with glycerin);

– bubble lovers advise to insist the solution from 12 to 24 hours before use.

– Avoid foaming;

– the room should be wet without wind and dust.

For lovers of romance, you can think of the following: buy swimming candles, let go of the whole bath of water, light the candles and turn off the lights. And start blowing soap bubbles. Awesome sight!

Do you think soap bubbles can be useful only at home in winter? Nothing like this! Already at the temperature of -7 degrees your bubble will become a beautiful crystal ball, and if you also catch a snowflake and gently put it on the resulting ball, then there will be no limit to the delight.

If you want to make a whole show of soap bubbles, then for this you need to search among old toys for the old sieve, various molds or rings, preferably a lot. If you want to experiment, then look for rings of large size (is it not enough that you have been lying around?) So that your baby can easily climb into it. And the appropriate dishes for the soap solution. And try together to "grow" a huge long, full-length, bubble.


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