Male names-charms: how to name a boy so that he was happy


Male names charms how to name a boy so that he


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Choosing a name for a boy should not be considered irresponsible. It largely affects the fate of the child and his character, developing his weak or strong sides. First of all, the name must be consonant with the patronymic, in order to maintain the rhythm during the pronunciation.

Calling the boy after his relatives in the male line is considered a good tradition, giving the child a happy fate. But you need to take into account one thing: a close person, whose name is given to the child, must be alive.

The choice of name can be based on the following criteria:

Religious. Solving a question with the name of a boy, you can refer to religion, which reflects the rules of his choice. A church calendar will come to the rescue, containing the meaning of each name.

Value. The history of the name and its designation also play an important role. It is advisable to give preference to names related to fire, as it is a protection against negative effects.

Astrological. You can pick a name based on the zodiac sign of the child born. An astrologer will be able to draw up a boy’s birth chart and offer his parents several ideal options.

Energetically powerful names-amulets


The strongest name-guardian. A male name means equanimity, strength and tranquility. Helps to abstract from problems and all unnecessary.


The meaning of the name "Mr.", which gives it a special energy. The name is very strong and gives the child support and protection. A boy with that name will not be afraid of his eyes.


Translation of the name – "God-given." A child possessing this name is protected and protected by the Most High. Instills confidence and luck in character.


The meaning of the Slavic name is famous, glorified and radiant. The boy is an energetic, moving and independent child. Character courageous, resistant and with great willpower.


Owning the world. A man with the same name inspires respect and love. Being an excellent diplomat, able to resolve any conflict situations.


Translated as "clear". For Sergei peculiar strength of mind and purity. The name is considered a universal talisman and a happy talisman.


The meaning in translation from Greek is the protector, and protection is always necessary. From the name it turns out a good charm. Boys with this name grow up courageous, benevolent and fair.


Translation of the name – "hearing" or "heard by God." Semyon is distinguished by kindness, responsiveness and inner confidence of character. They are hardworking and responsive.


Characterized as a winner. The name has high energy and gives excellent protection for its owner from anger and hostile people.

Choosing a name, do not forget that it has a special energy, giving the child luck and protection.

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