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403 ERROR The request math for kids abstract not be satisfied. For 2015, I want to encourage my five year old to start a journal.

When I first started searching for journal prompts for his age group, I noticed that they were either too abstract for him or too boring for him. Since he is fascinated with numbers and math, I set out to find math based prompts for him. Yet, if I searched for math journal prompts, then I ended up with more math problems than a writing exercise. These math inspired journal writing prompts are not math problems that ask for the child to answer addition questions, for example. Although you will find a few that do. Instead, these prompts encourage creative, abstract thinking using numbers and math as the basis.

I target my son’s interest in money, clocks, fractions, and more to encourage him to think outside the box a bit. These writing prompts also encourage some drawing. To encourage extra fine motor skills, my five year old picks a prompt, cuts it out, and then glues it onto a piece of paper. Then he reads the prompt out loud before writing his answer.

We’ve tried out a handful of these prompts so far with great success. 5 or two wholes” or that if he were a shape, then he’d like to be a 23-sided red shape. 1,000,000, he would buy himself a giant trampoline and that he “would buy mommy a laser gun because she wants one. For the record, I don’t want a laser gun. Click here to download the math journal prompts!

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