Matkapitala program going to extend from 2021 to 2024


Matkapitala program going to extend from 2021 to 2024

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In Russia, it is planned to extend the maternity payment program to citizens who have two or more children, from 2021 to 2024, writes Izvestia on Wednesday, March 20. Such a proposal is being prepared in the Ministry of Labor for the fall. The decision will be made after the completion of the analysis of the effectiveness of the disposal of Russian women of this money.

The staff of the Vice-President’s Office of Russia Tatyana Golikova also announced that the program would be “extended with high probability”. However, the Pension Fund of Russia, acting as a program manager, pointed out that these forecasts are premature.

Meanwhile, according to the publication, the Expert Center under the federal government has already calculated that the number of recipients of these payments will decrease by almost a third in the near future due to a sharp decline in the birth rate in the 90s.

Maternity capital began to be paid to Russian women who were born (or adopted) second, third or subsequent children, since 2007. The program was extended several times. Currently, it is calculated until the end of 2021.

Initially, the amount of payment was 250 thousand rubles. In 2015, it reached 453 thousand rubles. Money can be used to purchase housing, pay for education or social adaptation of the child, to pay monthly maintenance to low-income families. Annually, up to 800 thousand Russian families participate in the program.

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