Medics: 10 foods for pregnancy


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If a girl dreams of pregnancy, it is extremely important to observe the correct diet.

According to experts, to conceive a healthy baby, you need to include in the diet 10 foods, such as eggs, beans, seeds and fish.

Researchers from the United States said that every tenth young American woman may suffer from infertility, in order to avoid this, you must use the following products.

Firstly, oysters, because they increase the level of libido and serve as a source of zinc, this will significantly increase the production of eggs.

Secondly, algae: they maintain good performance of the bladder, kidneys, liver, and adrenal glands.

Third, figs provide the necessary dosage of iron, which helps maintain ovulation. As well as beans, cinnamon, poppy root, eggs and sunflower seeds – improve the work of the whole organism.

In addition, experts noted frozen and fatty dairy products, for example, salmon, which promotes healthy growth of the fetus.

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