Medics: ways to prevent childhood obesity


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Experts say that the child needs to inculcate the right eating habits from the very young age. Parents are obliged to prepare dishes for their children, which will differ as much as possible from each other in taste characteristics. Due to the use of different foods, the child will train his taste buds, as well as learn to enjoy the meal, catching differences in taste, and not just mindlessly absorb food.

It is very important that food contains not only sugar or salt, but also other spices in various combinations.

In addition, experts emphasize that products should differ not only in taste, but also in color. Since the variety of colors – a variety of nutrients that are contained in the products.

First, it concerns fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, water is an essential and necessary element not only in the diet, but also in human life. Therefore, it is necessary to teach your baby to drink water, and not juice, soda or compotes.

Thirdly, the bulk of the calories should be accounted for breakfast. Moreover, the activity of the child throughout the day will depend on eating in the morning. But for dinner there is a lot not recommended.

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