Medics: what you need to eat to get pregnant faster


Medics what you need to eat to get pregnant faster


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Researchers conducted an experiment that lasted 8 years.

As a result, it turned out that nutritional advice for a healthy heart and lifestyle is also suitable for fertility.

First of all, the diet should be rich in healthy fats, whole grains and vegetable proteins. All this supports the health of the egg in good condition. Also, thanks to this diet, your metabolism and blood sugar levels are normalized, eventually you will be able to get pregnant.

True, according to experts, one should not hope for one diet, however, experiments show that women are able to become pregnant with polycystic, and fibromas, and with polyps, and endometriosis.

And if you are still determined to be pregnant, then the first places in the list of products should be taken: full-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

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