Medics: why modern children have short stature and poor health


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A team of academics from the Children's Science Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences carried out an interesting experiment in which they were able to find out that modern children have poor health and short stature.

Researchers say: boys and girls born in the 19th century are, on average, 2 centimeters lower than babies born in the years 70-80. In addition, experts have recorded that modern children have poor health. Doctors claim that the body weight of children has decreased by an average of 20%, and the strength of the hand of boys has decreased by 30%.

According to leading experts, this negative trend is explained by the increase in stressful situations that children and teenagers face at school and at home. It is also noted that the health of the children has deteriorated due to poor nutrition. Many children do not get the right amount of vitamins and trace elements.

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