Methods of diagnostics of mentally retarded children


IQ to increase by more than 20 points over time. Techniques methods of diagnostics of mentally retarded children principles of cognitive science, neurobiology, psychology and NLP.

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A person with an “average” IQ of 100 is only using part of their intellectual potential, like the illustration below, where only a limited A, B and C of their ability is accessed. A, B, C, D, E and F, giving them much higher intellectual capability. This ability to use more relevant areas of the brain when it comes to doing mental tasks is exactly why some people are more intelligent than others. The more areas of the brain which you can access when doing mental tasks allows for more “brainpower” to be used. Our techniques target the plasticity of the brain with careful and precise exercises and change the whole wiring from the inside out so that these extra areas can be accessed. The research shows that raw IQ can rise only when the right and precise stimulation is provided. Doing random things simply won’t do.

Our techniques are incredibly diverse, allowing members’ to get intelligence gains in very specific mentla areas. Some of our users have claimed to have raised their IQ’s to over 160-170 with consistent and dedicated training over the long term. In any case, you can see our user testimonials for examples of results. Most people however find that an IQ of 140-150 suits them very well for a lot of life’s challenges.

The end result is that everyone feels happier, is able to boost productivity and achieve more of their goals. Click here to start your journey to intellectual greatness. Or go to the features page to see the bonuses that membership gives. To increase your IQ and boost mental power, you need to train for it. Just as you train your muscles to grow bigger, you can train your brain as well. Our exercises target your thoughts and make them drastically more efficient. To do this, we use a combination of special visualisations, sensory techniques, focus primers and working memory enhancers.