Modeling clay for kids wild animals


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Teens A diorama is a miniature stage, scene or picture, on which animals or people play their roles in a dramatic setting appropriate to the story or poem illustrated. Dioramas are fun to make and exciting to play with. After you have made your first diorama you will want to make one for each of your favorite stories. First, cut away one of the long sides of your box. This may be painted in, or you might find in a magazine something suitable which can be cut out and pasted to the back and sides.

Children will work out this project in their own way. In doing a jungle scene, all the background can he painted in with poster paints. The native huts might he made from heavy cardboard. Clear tape can also be used to attach the roof to the house, and then to attach the houses to the bottom of the box. Paint the bottom of the box to resemble grass or prairie, or whatever the scene. And finally, add tiny figures if you have them, or cut some out of a magazine, leaving a small tab to be folded back and pasted to the bottom of the box.

There are many ways to carry out this idea. In doing a Christmas scene, old Christmas cards would give plenty of material with which to work. To make this window diorama, you will need a large hat box with a cover. Remove the cover from this oval or round hat box and put it aside as you will need it later. Make your diorama with the top off. Cut out a “window” in the largest side area of the box when using an oval box.