Named products that increase depression in adolescents




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Researchers from the University of Alabama have called foods that are undesirable to use for depression, otherwise the condition will only worsen.

Academics conducted a study where students participated.

In the course of scientific work, the analyzes of the subjects were studied.

It turned out that most urine contained huge levels of sodium and low levels of potassium.

Such results are due to the fact that many people include fast food and other highly processed foods in their daily diet.

Moreover, as the questionnaire showed, many adolescents refuse normal, home-made food, not to mention vegetables, fruits and legumes.

According to scientists, such a diet is dangerous for the psyche of children and can lead to prolonged depression.

It is very dangerous to eat such food if the child already has mental disorders or is in a transitional age.

Teenagers should consume more of those foods that contain potassium, because it provides the body with energy and generally improves well-being.

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