Newborn 1 month development of the baby

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How many weeks pregnant are you? Your baby at 1 month What will your baby be starting to do at one month old? Your baby at one month old In month one, your baby will go through newborn 1 month development of the baby range of developments, linked not only to their appearance and growth but also their senses and motor skills.

OK, so it will be a while before they will be debating the finer points of War and Peace, but your baby’s language abilities start developing right from day one. A newborn baby’s vision is very fuzzy, but by now they are able to focus a bit better. Your baby’s senses at one month old Hearing Having done a lot of development in the womb, your baby’s hearing is very sensitive and it’s fully developed now. They will begin to turn their head towards the source of a sound. You might want to try singing some nursery rhymes or softly playing some music to your baby. You’ll likely find your little one reacting differently to different sounds and types of music, an early indicator of their music tastes perhaps! Sight A newborn baby’s vision is very fuzzy, but within one month they are able to focus a bit better.

They still can’t see far – around 30cm – so when you smile at your baby, lean in close. They are also beginning to track a moving object by moving their head and eyes but when the object disappears they forget it ever existed. Don’t worry if they look slightly cross-eyed occasionally – it takes a lot of effort to focus. Many toys for this age are black and white: it’s not that they can’t see colour but they find the high contrast easier to pick out. Your baby’s motor skills at one month old Movement and awareness When babies are born they have no sense that they even are a separate person from you, but at one month old they may discover their legs and arms – even if that’s by accidentally hitting themselves.

It will be another month or two before they get any co-ordination, though. Head control Their neck muscles are still weak, although you may notice your baby is able to hold their head up briefly when they are lying on their tummy or being held by you. They may also be able to turn it side to side. A mobile hanging above your baby’s cot is a good idea as it helps their tracking skills and focus. Game of the month The mirror game: hold your baby in front of a big mirror and pull faces and make noises. Watch how they react – they may even try to copy you.