Note to parents: Doctors told about the symptoms of meningitis


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Meningitis is a dangerous disease that is associated with inflammation of the brain.

At risk of illness are mostly children. Doctors told about 8 main symptoms, which, if found, should immediately seek medical help:

1. Skin rash. With meningitis, a rash may appear that is very similar to the usual one: it is impossible to distinguish them by eye. However, you can use a simple trick: take a glass of water, press on the affected area and look at the color. If it has not changed, then meningitis.

2. Upper Brudzinsky syndrome. When it is impossible to straighten the legs at the knees. Such a manifestation should alert the attentive parent.

3. Immobility of the neck. With meningitis, the following posture is typical: the legs are bent, the head is upturned. If you can not return the head of the child to its original position, then it is time to call the doctor.

4. Sensitivity to sunlight. As a rule, the baby cannot feel comfortable being exposed to the sun's rays: eyes begin to water strongly. In addition, nausea and migraine may occur.

5. Symptoms of poisoning. In this case, it is very easy to get confused, since all manifestations speak of food poisoning. Children have a bad stomachache, vomiting and nausea. Loss of appetite may occur shortly before the onset of symptoms. Analyze what the child was eating to eliminate the option of poisoning.

6. Vision problems. During illness, it is very difficult for a child to focus his eyesight, as all surrounding objects begin to split in two.

7. Migraine. Children have unbearable headaches that they have never experienced before. It may also extend to the cervical region. In newborns, the fontanel increases in size.

8. Fever. It starts suddenly: for no reason at all, the child begins to complain that he is cold, high temperature rises. As a rule, when meningitis, it is extremely difficult to knock it down with the help of conventional antipyretics. Unfortunately, fever is characteristic of many other diseases, so analyze other associated symptoms.

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